This is our biggest gathering of the week, a wide range of ages and backgrounds come together at 11am for around 75 minutes. Check out ‘New to Church’ to hear a little of what you can expect.


We meet for evening worship services every Sunday. One service a month is a prayer service where we profile various people and activities and pray together for them as well as singing and hearing from the Bible. The other services resemble the morning service but have no children’s activities or creche. All evening services begin at 6pm and last around an hour. 


This is for our children age 3-4. They leave the service at the same time as Treasure seekers and follow the same Bible story as them. As they’re a little younger, their time includes a bit more play as well as fun activities.


This is for our children age 4-11 and meets during the morning service. After we sing together the children hear the part of the Bible their activities will be based on that week, then they go out of the service and meet in their age groups for the rest of the time of the service. They have lots of fun, a snack and activities to help learn from the Bible


This is for our young people age 11-18. They meet on Sunday evenings 7:15-8:30 where they spend some time catching up with each other, enjoying some games and snacks and hear one of the leaders speaking from the Bible. They then move into small groups to discuss what they’ve heard and pray together.